truSculpt® 3D Jawline

Are you self-conscious about the way you look in photographs, particularly because of your double chin? Even if you’ve worked hard to lose weight in other areas of your body, this stubborn attribute can still stick around, and there hasn’t been an effective way to get rid of it – until now.

The truSculpt® 3D Jawline treatment is designed to bust your double chin and give you the thin, sculpted look you’ve always wanted! By heating the fat cells in the affected area, the truSculpt® applicator encourages your lymphatic system to naturally remove the dead fat cells over the next few weeks. As a result, you can say goodbye to that double chin – safely, effectively, and naturally.


What to Expect with truSculpt®

  • You may need 1-3 treatments. Each treatment kills 24% of the fat in the area and tightens the skin. As opposed to truSculpt® 3D in the rest of the body, the jawline area tends to need more than one treatment, as people generally have more skin than fat in this area.
  • You can expect each treatment to take 4-8 minutes, depending on the area you’ve chosen.
  • It may take up to 12 weeks for full results.

Let’s Talk about truSculpt®

You can get real results that last with truSculpt® 3D Jawline treatments. Please feel free to call our office for more information about this painless procedure, and get ready to put your best face forward!