I have now had my second of three Juliet treatments and I am amazed at the results! The pain that I experienced during intimacy previously is almost completely gone and I am so much more confident and at ease. I highly recommend to woman who are experiencing any discomfort! Dr. Rafalin and his team are terrific, and the procedure is simple and quick! No downtime or side effects!


Dr. Rafalin's Juliet treatment is life-changing. I had my son 32 years ago.  His birth should have been a cesarean; but my wonderful gynecologist (who is still my physician) was away. The physician who was covering for him believed in only natural childbirth regardless of the size of the baby. For me, this was disastrous because my son had a 14 inch circumstance of his head, 23 inches long which was cone shaped after being deformed during childbirth. Although I am tall, I have a small torso so his natural birth tore me internally both ways resulting in both rectocele and cystocele as a result of not having a cesarean birth. Four years later, I had repair surgery to fix these conditions which was successful especially regarding urinary incontinence. However my pain when having  intercourse was still intense and worsened in the following years. The Julian treatment performed by Dr.Rafalin is amazing-actually life changing! Dr. Rafalin is incredible!  After my first treatment, intercourse was enjoyable for the first time in many years with practically no pain.  I'm hoping that after the second treatment which I had last week that intercourse will be painless. I'll report results after the 2 week waiting period post treatment is up-11 more days. Thank you Dr. Rafalin for my Juliet treatment which has changed my life making intercourse enjoyable again!


I had a superb experience with the Juliet procedure. I was suffering from stress urinary incontinence six months after childbirth and Dr. Rafalin recommended I tried it. I noticed an improvement right after the first treatment and was able to regain my confidence in my daily life. I experienced no pain during the procedure or after it in any of the three occasions. I highly recommend Dr. Rafalin and his practice.

Michael W.

Great, attentive, and informed service.

Julianne S.

I have had many treatments of laser hair removal since early fall. Every time I've met with Emily and she has made me feel comfortable throughout my experiences. She is very professional, attentive, and courteous. I have a very low pain tolerance and she has done an excellent job helping me even during the highest moments of discomfort, without sacrificing results. I 100% recommend this office for laser hair removal!