Laser Genesis™

As the years go by, you may notice an increased number of facial imperfections, fine lines, and sun spots. These can be hard to ignore. If you’ve been searching for a solution that won’t further damage your skin, we’re happy to share that CUTERA® Laser Genesis™ could be the perfect treatment option for you.

CUTERA® Laser Genesis™ uses patented crystal laser technology to stimulate collagen growth and improve your skin’s elasticity and firmness. You’ll need to wear protective eyewear, and you may feel very little discomfort during the treatment. Some patients require more than one treatment, but it fully depends on the condition of your skin.


What is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis is a specialized laser that uses patented crystal laser technology to deliver light therapy treatment to specific areas of your skin to stimulate the generation of collagen, which is a structural protein found in your body that keeps the skin firm and elastic.

As you get older, your body produces less collagen, leading to a decrease in resiliency. The slight agitation of the laser to your skin kick-starts collagen production and the formation of new skin tissue.

What types of skin conditions can Laser Genesis treat?

The Laser Genesis treats:

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Acne scars
  • Sun damage
  • Rosacea and skin redness

How does Laser Genesis rejuvenate the face?

The specialists at Central Park Aesthetique begin by first prepping your skin with a cleansing facial. You are then outfitted with protective eyewear to use during treatment.

The laser sends pulsated light energy to the area you want treated. The light removes the outer layer of your skin and directly heats the dermal layer underneath, which stimulates your skin to produce collagen, creating new unblemished and firmer skin.

Topical anesthetics aren’t used during Laser Genesis treatment at Central Park Aesthetique so you can provide appropriate feedback during treatment. You may feel some minor discomfort while the laser works on your skin, but most patients feel very little pain if any at all.

For the best results, you may need more than one treatment, especially if you’re getting Laser Genesis treatment for scars. With Laser Genesis, you may be able to come in more frequently than with other laser treatments, about every two to three weeks. The aesthetic specialists at Central Park Aesthetique work closely with you to develop a plan to get the look you want.

What happens after treatment?

Your skin may be red after treatment. But this fades with time. The results of the laser treatment may last for up to a year.

Being mindful of sun exposure and wearing sunblock when you’re outside may help lengthen the effects of your laser treatment and prevent premature aging of the skin.

If you’d like to know more about facial rejuvenation, call the office or request a consultation.